Project Steno Welcomes Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City as Partner Program

Project Steno has added another court reporting program to its roster of partner programs. Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City is the 22nd court reporting and captioning program to join Project Steno in its efforts to raise awareness of the profession.  Allison M. Hall, RDR, CRR, CSR, is the lead instructor of the certificate program.  OSU – OKC partners with industry leaders who serve as trainers and consultants for specific business and industry training needs.  Hall is the current President of the Oklahoma Court Reporters Association.  Read the press release


Project Steno’s Jennifer Gaul Memorial Award

$2,000 Award
The late Jennifer Gaul was one of the best friends court reporting has ever had – a dedicated professional, past president of the Florida Court Reporters Association, a teacher and mentor to reporting students.  To honor her many contributions, the members of the board and advisory council of Project Steno personally contributed funds to establish a $2,000 award to be made in her name to the winner of a student essay contest.  We at Project Steno gratefully offer this tribute to a woman who was a lifelong role model for the importance of giving back.  Application Jennifer Gaul Memorial Award

Project Steno Welcomes MacCormac College as Partner Program

Project Steno has added another significant court reporting program to its roster of partner programs.   MacCormac College, located in downtown Chicago, IL, is the 21st court reporting and captioning program to join Project Steno in its efforts to raise awareness of the profession.  The school holds the distinction of having established the first court reporting program in the United States in 1912.  The program is overseen by Selana Scott, J.D., Court Reporting Program Director.  Read full press release here

New Board and Advisory Council Members

Christine Willette, of Wausau WI, is appointed to the Board of Project Steno as of January 1st, 2021.
Sandy VanderPol, of Lotus CA, joins the Project Steno Advisory Council.

The Board of Project Steno is proud to announce that Christine Willette, RDR, CRR, CRC, has been appointed a member of the Board.  Christine, a past President of NCRA and longtime leader in the field, has been a busy contributor to Project Steno initiatives, particularly fundraising, as a member of Project Steno’s Advisory Council.  In her new role, she will help chart the future of the organization.  Filling her place on the Advisory Council is Sandy M. VanderPol, RMR, CRR.  Reporters in California and nationally have benefited greatly from Sandy’s many years of devoted effort on behalf of the profession.  Read full press release here

Lakeshore Technical College Becomes 20th Partner Program

Project Steno has added another significant court reporting program to its roster of partner programs.   Lakeshore Technical College is the 20th court reporting and captioning program to join Project Steno in its efforts to raise awareness of the profession.  The program is overseen by Barbi Galarno, Certified Reporting Instructor and Registered Professional Reporter. Read the full press release

Project Steno Announces Winner of Stenograph’s Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship

Project Steno and Stenograph, LLC today announced the winner of an essay contest for Project Steno students:  Stenograph’s Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship. Stenograph, in partnership with Project Steno, awarded this merit-based, two-year scholarship to Breanne Alford. Ms. Alford’s essay addressing the role of technology in court reporting and captioning of the future was the winning entry.

“It is an absolute honor to be the recipient of this scholarship,” said Breanne Alford. “I am thankful and in awe of Stenograph’s generosity! I appreciate all of the encouragement I’ve received from the Project Steno team and I can’t wait to start this journey.”   Read the full press release here.


Project Steno Welcomes Four New Partner Programs

Project Steno’s roster of partner programs continues to grow.  Four more court reporting educational programs recently joined us as partner programs:
*  Atlantic Technical College (FL) Debbie Hill, Court Reporting Instructor
*  CAJ Career & Education Center – Argonaut Court Reporting (CA) Bonnie Chufar, Program Director
*  SUNY College of Technology at Alfred State (NY) Danielle Green, Assistant Professor
*  University of Houston – Downtown (TX) Cayley Rodrigue, Court Reporting Instructor

Read the full press release here

Word Technologies, LLC Donates Steno Keyboards to Project Steno

Dan Glassman, president of Word Technologies, LLC, has donated 11 brand-new Tréal keyboards to Project Steno for use in their Basic Training program.   Word Technologies, LLC, founded in 1998, distributes leading-edge technologies for converting the spoken word to written text to individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governments around the globe.

Project Steno’s Executive Director, Nancy Varallo, explains: “The Tréal keyboards will be loaned at no charge to those who enroll in Project Steno’s Basic Training.  This free six-week course is taught by volunteers who share their stories while giving young men and women a hands-on opportunity to learn some basic steno theory.” Read the full press release here

Stenograph’s Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship Announced

Project Steno Announces Stenograph Funded Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship

Project Steno is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity:  Stenograph’s Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship.  This merit-based two-year scholarship, worth up to $5,000 per year, includes use of a student writer and software (payments will be made directly to the student’s school/program to cover all costs for two years).  Read the full press release here


This comprehensive report includes achievements outlined in previous reports plus updated numbers and new information charting our progress.

Tuition Assistance:   Fielded more than 750 inquiries from the public!   Received 137 applications for tuition assistance, interviewed 121 candidates, and enrolled 56 students from 22 states into our partner programs.

Military:  In cooperation with military personnel at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, we will roll out our first on-base Basic Training program – a template for the vast military spouses target audience nationwide!

Outreach:   Created three videos to promote court reporting and captioning. See them on our website.  We invite you to post/share.

Read the full June 2019 report here

Project Steno Grateful for Veritext’s Fundraise for the Future Events

The Project Steno team is making a special pledge to show how we appreciate the many reporters and guests who attended Veritext’s Fundraise for the Future events in Florida and California. With Veritext’s commitment to match funds raised at the events, $17,000 was raised for Project Steno!  The next event is in Chicago on August 8.  More information here:

To show their gratitude, members of the board, the advisory council, and the executive director will each make a personal donation to Feeding America.  Veritext is currently supporting the Annual Summer Feeding America campaign.

100% of the proceeds of the Fundraise for the Future events will support Project Steno’s ongoing Tuition Assistance program and the expansion of its Cover Your Bases Program™, an innovative initiative designed to bring awareness of the court reporting profession to military spouses nationwide.

Project Steno wishes to thank everyone who came out and helped make these events a huge success!

U.S. Legal, ProCAT and Bryan University Donate Steno Machines

U.S. Legal, ProCAT and Bryan University Support Project Steno’s High School Initiative with Donation of Steno Machines

U.S. Legal Support, ProCAT, and Bryan University have facilitated the donation of a total of sixty steno machines to Project Steno. These machines will be used in high school programs across the country.

“On behalf of the board at Project Steno, I would like to thank U.S. Legal, ProCAT, and Bryan University for their donations,” said Nancy Varallo, Executive Director. “High schools are clamoring to add Basic Training, Project Steno’s intro-to-steno program, to their course offerings. We had volunteers lined up to teach, but were worried we wouldn’t have enough machines. Thanks to these donations, we were able to get started.”

Read the full press release here

Chris Willette Joins Project Steno’s Advisory Council

Project Steno is proud to announce that Chris Willette, RDR, CRR, CRC, has joined us as the sixth member of our Advisory Council.  Each member of the Advisory Council, inaugurated in August of 2018, is a standout performer highly respected in the field.  “Our goal is to recruit students for the next generation of court reporters and captioners, and we seek to enlist the best talent out there to help us,” said Nancy Varallo, Project Steno’s Executive Director.  “Chris is the gold standard:  knowledgeable, committed, hardworking, a leader.   We are privileged to have her.”

Willette’s day job is running her freelance firm, Willette Court Reporting, in Wausau, Wisconsin.   Her passion is service to the profession.  Chris’s contributions to her state association and NCRA are many, and she has served as president of each.  Her résumé attests to her lifelong advocacy on behalf of the stenographic reporting profession

“Project Steno’s enterprising mission aroused my interest early on,” said Willette.  “I share the belief that there’s a bright future for those who embrace the challenge of court reporting, and I’m enthusiastic about what this dynamic group can accomplish.”

Read the bios of the Project Steno board and Advisory Council members here:  Project Steno Board and AC 2019.

Project Steno Sponsors Caption Pros’ Jennifer Schuck for Entrepreneurship Conference

Project Steno is delighted to re-post this press release from Caption Pros.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, JUNE 15, 2019 – Scottsdale-based realtime captioning firm Caption Pros announces Project Steno’s sponsorship of its owner, Jennifer Schuck, to attend a conference with Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth.

The Digital Excellence Program for Minority Entrepreneurs is a partnership between Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business and Google to help business leaders leverage cutting-edge digital technologies. The program offers guidance and insight about tech to help business owners, like Schuck, acquire the skills and knowledge to expand their businesses. In partnership with Google, Tuck’s program invites entrepreneurs from minority and underrepresented communities to attend the three-day conference at Google’s facility in Washington, D.C., at the end of this month.

The Tuck School program requires that attendees must obtain a sponsor who will pay the $2,000 tuition fee,” explained Nancy Varallo, Project Steno’s Executive Director. “When Jen asked us to sponsor her, we immediately said yes. Her participation in this event will highlight one of the excellent career opportunities available to skilled stenographers – realtime captioning.  Creating awareness is a prime focus of Project Steno.”    Read the full Press Release


Project Steno Purchases Steno Machines for Military Spouses Program

Project Steno, through the generous support of its donors, has purchased student Wave machines from Stenograph.  These steno machines will be used by military spouses who enroll in Basic Training, a free six-week intro steno program, an integral part of Project Steno’s Cover Your BasesTMprogram. 

An Introduction to the Stenographic Reporting Profession
A plan for introducing stenographic theory to military spouses, family members, and service members transitioning to the civilian workplace.

Project Steno’s Cover Your Bases ProgramTM is designed to bring awareness of the court reporting and captioning professions to military bases nationwide.  Volunteers will deliver Nancy Varallo’s Basic TrainingTM and speak about the many career options available today.  The program is a hands-on opportunity to learn the basics of steno theory in a virtual classroom environment over six weeks, one day each week, as a first step before entering a two-year educational program.  All materials (textbook/steno machines) will be provided at no charge.  Students will be encouraged to practice two hours each day between the six sessions.

This six-week program offers a self-selection opportunity that helps one answer some important questions.  Is stenographic reporting the right career for me?  Do I have the interest, natural dexterity, grammar skills, motivation and disclipine required to complete the next two years of school?  If the answer is Yes, Project Steno will connect candidates who graduate from Basic Training with schools that accept GI benefits.  If candidates are not eligible for GI benefits, Project Steno will direct them to our tuition assistance program.

Register for Basic Training and find details of our selective tuition assistance program (and an application) at

 Read more here.

State Associations Support Military Spouses Project

New Jersey Leads the Way – Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina Join In

New Jersey was the first state court reporter association to hear about the launch of Project Steno’s Military Spouses Program.  It was exciting to witness the enthusiastic support for the program as members “passed the hat” and donations were pledged from the meeting room floor.  In the end, New Jersey members donated enough to purchase 3 steno machines at $2,000 each.  The $6,000 covers the purchase price and shipping six times per year for two years. Read more

Renee Bush Joins Project Steno’s Advisory Council

Renee Bush, RPR, CMRS, CRR, became the fifth member of Project Steno’s Advisory Council (formed in August of 2018).  “We sought out top-flight talent within the court reporting community to serve in an advisory role,” said Nancy Varallo, Project Steno’s Executive Director.  “We welcome Renee to this group of seasoned professionals because she has the demonstrated passion and know-how to recruit the next generation of court reporting students.”

Bush is a co-owner of Aiken Welch Court Reporters with multiple offices in California.  She has been involved in many charitable organizations and non-profit ventures over the years.  “Project Steno’s plan is ambitious,” said Bush.  “I look forward to working with this amazing group!”   Read the bios of the full board and advisory council here: Board and AC Feb 2019

About Project Steno

Project Steno is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and operates entirely on a not-for-profit basis. In January 2018 Project Steno launched its program of tuition assistance and placed its first students in court reporting school. To date, Project Steno has received almost $300,000 in pledges and contributions from the court reporting community! With the manifest enthusiasm of court reporters everywhere, Project Steno continues to raise funds to promote widespread awareness of our unique profession and create a robust pipeline of students into court reporting schools and graduates into the field.  Click to donate here.

Project Steno Welcomes Clark State / Stark State Joint Judicial Court Reporting Program as Partner

Project Steno Welcomes Ohio’s Clark State College/Stark State College Joint Judicial Court Reporting Program as Partner

Project Steno has added another significant court reporting program to its roster of partner programs.   Clark State College (Springfield, OH) and Stark State College (North Canton, OH) have offered a joint Judicial Court Reporting program since June of 2016.  The online program is overseen by Robyn M. Hennigan, RPR, CRI, Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator at Clark State, and René Eneix, M.A., CRI, Department Chair/Associate Professor at Stark.  Read the full press release here.

Project Steno Supports Court Reporting and Captioning Week

Celebrating you, our donors, as we celebrate our profession.  Project Steno’s mission is to build awareness of stenographic reporting and captioning — well-respected and time-honored professions.  We want to bring young people to the best career they’ve never heard of!  We want more court reporters and captioners celebrating with us next year!!  How?  With your support we can increase our ranks by providing tuition assistance and monitoring students’ progress throughout their training.  Your contributions have already helped.  Read how you’ve helped here:  PS Newsletter Feb 2019.  Consider a new donation today by check, credit card, monthly payment —   Together, we’ve got this!


Project Steno Year-End Report – Our First Year – December 2018

What a year!  Project Steno hit the ground running in early 2018 and to date has raised almost $300,000 in pledges and contributions.  Highlights of our year:

  • Project Steno launches in January 2018.
  • Website created and continually updated.
  • 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization is conferred by the IRS (so your donations are tax-deductible). Our financial statement (Form 990) is publicly available on our website.
  • Two videos produced to promote court reporting and captioning.
  • Numerous presentations made at national and state association conventions.
  • Several interviews (television, podcasts, webcasts) where we promoted court reporting and captioning as a career, NCRA’s A to Z program, and the Project Steno tuition assistance program.
  • Expanded our Board (Jim DeCrescenzo, Bill Weber, Glyn Poage, Ed Varallo, and Tiva Wood), added an Advisory Council (Kathy Silva, Rick Levy, Doreen Sutton, and Camille Duffy) and appointed Nancy Varallo as our Executive Director.
  • Shepherded through to reality a court reporting program in a San Antonio TX high school (a template for high school rollout nationwide!)
  • Met at the Pentagon with high-ranking officials to promote Project Steno’s Cover Your Bases ProgramTM for the military. (There are 510,000 military spouses in the Army alone, two-thirds of them under the age of 32.  An ideal target audience!)
  • Enrolled 37 students from 16 states into eight of our partner programs. (This is a real success.  See below.)

Read our full report here:  Project Steno Year End Report – Our First Year – Dec 2018

Project Steno Welcomes College of Court Reporting and EV360 Educational Solutions

With the addition of College of Court Reporting (headquartered in Valparaiso, Indiana), Project Steno has added a significant name to its roster of partner programs that will lead the way in educating the next generation of stenographic court reporters and captioners.  CCR has long experience in training court reporters with state-of-the-art technology, particularly its EV360 teaching platform.  Teachers and graduates are quick to praise the enhanced learning experience afforded by the EV360 interactive platform.  CCR’s record of success is unmatched.  Read the full press release here.

DepoSpan Members Contribute over $10,000 to Project Steno

Founded in 1983, DepoSpan is a network of independent professional court reporting agencies allied to provide the full range of litigation support services nationwide and internationally.  DepoSpan agencies recognize the urgent need to address the looming court reporter shortage by building a robust pipeline of students into school and graduating them as quickly as possible. DepoSpan members have responded to that challenge by contributing more than $10,000 to Project Steno’s efforts.

Says Antonia Pulone of Pulone Reporting Services in San Jose, CA: “Project Steno is the one organization working to ensure the future of court reporting by offering tangible support to young men and women who want to become stenographic court reporters.”    Read more here.

Project Steno earns standing as a 501(c)3 charitable organization

Project Steno recently was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3, charitable organization under Title 26 of the United States Code of Law. This is a significant development for Project Steno for two reasons. First, it is third-party verification that the organization operates on a distinctly not-for-profit basis. Second, achieving 501(c)3 status means that all contributions to Project Steno are 100 percent tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Read full article here.

Tiva Wood and Ed Varallo Appointed to Project Steno Board

Tiva Wood and Ed Varallo Appointed to Project Steno Board of Directors

The Project Steno board of directors recently added two well-known authorities from the court reporting profession. Tiva Wood and Ed Varallo are the first two additions to the board of Project Steno since the organization’s founding in 2017.  They will play key leadership roles in defining and implementing strategy while serving as ambassadors and advocates for the court reporting profession.  Read more here.

Project Steno Advisory Council Announced

Rick Levy, Kathy Silva, Doreen Sutton, and Camille Duffy Join Project Steno Advisory Council

Project Steno recently created an Advisory Council and sought out top-flight talent within the court reporting community to serve in an advisory role.  That outreach was handsomely rewarded when four leaders in the field – Rick Levy, Kathy Silva, Doreen Sutton, and Camille Palladino-Duffy – came onboard as Project Steno’s first Advisory Council members.  The Advisory Council will seek out others like these four leaders – seasoned professionals who have a demonstrated passion and know-how to recruit the next generation of court reporting students. Read more here.

Project Steno Expands its Partner Program Criteria to be More Inclusive

From the get-go, the good people at Realtime Coach (RTC) immediately offered their enthusiastic support to Project Steno.  RTC is the premier software teaching platform in court reporting education.  With their active help, Project Steno signed up eight schools as partner programs.  We’d like to have more.  To that end, Project Steno today announces that we are casting our net wider, in an effort to be more inclusive and attract more partner schools.  So we are opening up our program not only to schools which use RTC’s online learning system, but any school, bricks-and-mortar or online, that uses RTC or a similar teaching platform.

RTC’s platform is unique in the sophisticated monitoring it allows us to do of students who enroll in our program of tuition assistance – and through that monitoring, we hope to spot students who may be falling behind, and get them timely help so they do not become a dropout statistic.  We want our students to succeed!

It’s a win-win for schools and Project Steno and, most importantly, for the students we hope to shepherd through school and out into the field as court reporters and captioners.  Click here for Application for Program Participation. 

Project Steno Heads to Television to Promote Court Reporting

Project Steno Executive Director Nancy Varallo was joined by legendary court reporter Ed Varallo for a live, interactive presentation of realtime on the set of “Mass Appeal,” a TV news program in Massachusetts. It was a great opportunity to promote the merits of a career in court reporting.

Watch the video. 

Project Steno Recipient of Major Financial Support from Realtime Coach

 Realtime Coach has pledged to match contributions to Project Steno, up to $50,000, in support of its mission to recruit students into the court reporting and captioning professions.

February 19, 2018, Worcester, MA – Project Steno, newly incorporated in 2017 to grow the court reporting profession, announced today it has received a commitment from Realtime Coach to match all contributions to Project Steno, up to $50,000 – a major and generous financial commitment!

read more…

“Project Steno” Launches Tuition Assistance Program and Process to Address Urgent Shortage of Court Reporters

December 7, 2017, Worcester, MA — Media outlets and governmental authorities continually point to court reporting as a growth profession over the next decade. At the same time, the collective aging of the court reporting profession is creating a significant shortage of court reporters, just as demand is increasing. This creates both a challenge and an opportunity.

Read the entire press release here.