Project Steno earns standing as a 501(c)3 charitable organization

Project Steno recently was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3, charitable organization under Title 26 of the United States Code of Law. This is a significant development for Project Steno for two reasons. First, it is third-party verification that the organization operates on a distinctly not-for-profit basis. Second, achieving 501(c)3 status means that all contributions to Project Steno are 100 percent tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Read full article here.

Tiva Wood and Ed Varallo Appointed to Project Steno Board

Tiva Wood and Ed Varallo Appointed to Project Steno Board of Directors

The Project Steno board of directors recently added two well-known authorities from the court reporting profession. Tiva Wood and Ed Varallo are the first two additions to the board of Project Steno since the organization’s founding in 2017.  They will play key leadership roles in defining and implementing strategy while serving as ambassadors and advocates for the court reporting profession.  Read more here.

Project Steno Advisory Council Announced

Rick Levy, Kathy Silva, Doreen Sutton, and Camille Duffy Join Project Steno Advisory Council

Project Steno recently created an Advisory Council and sought out top-flight talent within the court reporting community to serve in an advisory role.  That outreach was handsomely rewarded when four leaders in the field – Rick Levy, Kathy Silva, Doreen Sutton, and Camille Palladino-Duffy – came onboard as Project Steno’s first Advisory Council members.  The Advisory Council will seek out others like these four leaders – seasoned professionals who have a demonstrated passion and know-how to recruit the next generation of court reporting students. Read more here.

Project Steno Expands its Partner Program Criteria to be More Inclusive

From the get-go, the good people at Realtime Coach (RTC) immediately offered their enthusiastic support to Project Steno.  RTC is the premier software teaching platform in court reporting education.  With their active help, Project Steno signed up eight schools as partner programs.  We’d like to have more.  To that end, Project Steno today announces that we are casting our net wider, in an effort to be more inclusive and attract more partner schools.  So we are opening up our program not only to schools which use RTC’s online learning system, but any school, bricks-and-mortar or online, that uses RTC or a similar teaching platform.

RTC’s platform is unique in the sophisticated monitoring it allows us to do of students who enroll in our program of tuition assistance – and through that monitoring, we hope to spot students who may be falling behind, and get them timely help so they do not become a dropout statistic.  We want our students to succeed!

It’s a win-win for schools and Project Steno and, most importantly, for the students we hope to shepherd through school and out into the field as court reporters and captioners.  Click here for Application for Program Participation. 

Project Steno Heads to Television to Promote Court Reporting

Project Steno Executive Director Nancy Varallo was joined by legendary court reporter Ed Varallo for a live, interactive presentation of realtime on the set of “Mass Appeal,” a TV news program in Massachusetts. It was a great opportunity to promote the merits of a career in court reporting.

Watch the video. 

Project Steno Recipient of Major Financial Support from Realtime Coach

 Realtime Coach has pledged to match contributions to Project Steno, up to $50,000, in support of its mission to recruit students into the court reporting and captioning professions.

February 19, 2018, Worcester, MA – Project Steno, newly incorporated in 2017 to grow the court reporting profession, announced today it has received a commitment from Realtime Coach to match all contributions to Project Steno, up to $50,000 – a major and generous financial commitment!

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“Project Steno” Launches Tuition Assistance Program and Process to Address Urgent Shortage of Court Reporters

December 7, 2017, Worcester, MA — Media outlets and governmental authorities continually point to court reporting as a growth profession over the next decade. At the same time, the collective aging of the court reporting profession is creating a significant shortage of court reporters, just as demand is increasing. This creates both a challenge and an opportunity.

Read the entire press release here.