Promoting the Stenographic Professions

Volunteering has never been easier!

Be a part of a successful program and earn professional development credits.

We need volunteer instructors for Basic Training, Project Steno’s six-week intro-to-steno program.
It meets one day or evening per week for two hours.

Interested in teaching but don’t want to manage the administrative details?
We’ve got you covered.
Project Steno handles all of the admin tasks so you can focus on teaching.

We handle the details. You teach what you do best.
Show our recruits what they can do with a steno career!

Project Steno does all of this:
• Advertises and recruits students for your session
• Sends you your student roster with names, emails, and state of residence
• Aids your students in obtaining stenographic machines
• Gives you and your students access to course materials via Realtime Coach (the practice platform for BT)
• Finds a partner for you if you prefer to teach in tandem with another volunteer
• Offers training and “sitting in” opportunities for you before you start
• Uses experienced volunteers for your first session so you can begin stress-free
• Provides support for you and your fellow instructors through a community listserv
• Furnishes a guest speaker roster for you to contact

You do this:
• Deliver a Basic Training lesson one day or evening per week for six weeks
• Take attendance and return the roster to Project Steno when it’s done
• Enjoy many rewards from teaching others about “The Best Career You’ve Never Heard Of!”
• Earn professional development points toward your CEUs


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