We’re making a difference.  Enjoy this sample of several unsolicited notes we receive. 

“I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to apply (for the 140-in-1 Merit Award). Going for this award definitely pushed me in ways I will forever be grateful for; so thank you for the difference you have made in my life. I am grateful, also, for organizations like this that care so much about students and the future of court reporting. God bless you all!”  Miriam Maneely 


The growth in our free six-week Basic Training program continues.  In our 2021 Annual Report we proudly announced 1353 folks contacted us about Basic Training.  That number grew by 20.1% to 1625 in 2022.  Even more encouraging, after the first quarter of 2023 the number of people contacting us to inquire about Basic Training is projected to be 2632, a stunning 62% increase over 2022.  Our outreach to the public is working!  Read the full June 2022 report here