Project Steno

The Project Steno plan is:

  • Market court reporting/captioning as a lucrative and exciting career. This will include a nationwide awareness campaign featuring a professionally produced high-impact video that will be made available to everyone.
  • Promote Project Steno’s Basic Training program (a free intro-to-steno program) as a pipeline to produce students who have self-selected as high-potential candidates for court reporting school.
  • Provide steno machines to students enrolled in Basic Training (subject to inventory).
  • Assist Project Steno’s Basic Training and NCRA’s A-to-Z “graduates” by putting them in touch with schools and online programs that fit their needs.
  • Offer financial awards to select students — awards based on meeting performance benchmarks — those Project Steno believes are most likely to succeed.
  • Monitor each student’s progress throughout their two-year course of study. 
  • Offer help, encouragement, and mentoring to students who need help in maintaining steady progress.

Merit Awards Program

Our $1,000 scholarships are available to students from any school who successfully achieve speed benchmarks.  Achieve 140 words per minute in one year and qualify for the 140-in-1 Merit Award.  That’s $1,000!  Achieve 225 words per minute in two years and qualify for another the 225-in-2 Merit Award.   That’s another $1,000!   

The End Game

Project Steno’s plan is designed to assist students on their journey to graduation and employment as a stenographic reporter or captioner.