Project Steno

The Project Steno plan is:

  • Market court reporting/captioning as a lucrative and exciting career. This will include a nationwide awareness campaign featuring a professionally produced high-impact video that will be made available to everyone.
  • Promote Project Steno’s Basic Training program (a free intro-to-steno program) as a pipeline to produce students who have self-selected as high-potential candidates for court reporting school.
  • Assist Basic Training and or A-to-Z “graduates” by putting them in touch with schools and online programs that fit their needs.
  • Offer tuition assistance to select students — those Project Steno believes are most likely to succeed.

Tuition Assistance Program

Students for whom Project Steno provides assistance will choose a Partner Program they wish to attend. Project Steno will pay funds on the student’s behalf directly to the program/school, not to the student. Project Steno will provide ongoing support to Project Steno students by monitoring their progress through school.

The End Game

Project Steno’s tuition assistance is designed to subsidize a student’s school costs for up to two years. Throughout their two-year course of study, the Project Steno team will monitor each student’s progress. Indeed, satisfactory progress through school as evidenced by meeting certain benchmarks will be required in order to maintain tuition assistance funding. We will offer help, encouragement, and mentoring to students who need help in maintaining steady progress.