Your Life as a Court Reporter or Captioner

You’re traveling the country and to all corners of the world. You’re building a profitable business. You’re meeting great people.  You’re helping others and preserving our rights.  This is what your life can be.

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Project Steno is pleased to introduce you to STAR — Stenograph, Technology, Agencies, Reporters.  It’s an organization for industry professionals, students, firm owners, and all supporters of the court reporting profession.

STAR offers amazing student benefits:

  1. Discounted pricing on Stenograph products
  2. FREE Membership in STAR    
  3. FREE registration for STAR’s virtual conference STARTECH23

Discover why STAR is the fastest-growing networking group in the court reporting industry.  Visit STAR’s student resource page here.

Now is the perfect time to join STAR!   

In Their Own Words

Project Steno is making a difference in the lives of students and young professionals every day.  Take a moment to listen to these wonderful success stories.

Lucrative Career Paths

Depending on you locale, you can expect to begin with annual income in the $50,000 range your first year, with $100K in your sights after a couple of years. Not many professions can make that claim.

Better than a 4-Year Degree

Instead you’ll spend two or three years immersed in education that will land you in a great job and a lucrative career. Is it difficult? You bet. Will you be challenged? You will.  Will it be worth it?  Absolutely!

Is It Right for You?

Good with language? That’s a great start. Do you love to read? Even better.

Try It Out (for Free)

Dedicated volunteers have launched free programs to teach you the basics of court reporting. Click on our Getting Started page and request info!