Your Life as a Court Reporter or Captioner

You’re traveling the country and to all corners of the world. You’re building a profitable business. You’re meeting great people.  You’re helping others and preserving our rights.  This is what your life can be.

Stenograph Logo 2020

Stenograph is pleased to announce a partnership with Project Steno that provides Stenograph’s industry-leading CATalyst Student software to qualifying stenography students at no charge. Starting in January 2023, Stenograph will provide CATalyst Student software to court reporting students who complete Project Steno’s Basic Training Program and then enroll in a stenographic reporting program.

“The mission of Project Steno is essential to the court reporting industry as it faces growing demand at a time of labor shortages,” says Dan Denofsky, Vice President of Marketing for Stenograph. “Project Steno has helped attract, educate, retain, and graduate a growing number of students from court reporting schools. Stenograph is proud to partner with them as they help to cultivate a long-term sustainable industry. Students are the lifeblood of the future of Stenograph and the stenographic industry as a whole. We want them to be empowered with the best tools in the industry to be successful as they pursue a lucrative and exciting career in stenographic court reporting and captioning.”

In Her Own Words

Project Steno is making a difference in the lives of students and young professionals every day.  Take a moment to listen to this wonderful success story.

Lucrative Career Paths

Depending on you locale, you can expect to begin with annual income in the $50,000 range your first year, with $100K in your sights after a couple of years. Not many professions can make that claim.

Better than a 4-Year Degree

Instead you’ll spend two or three years immersed in education that will land you in a great job and a lucrative career. Is it difficult? You bet. Will you be challenged? You will.  Will it be worth it?  Absolutely!

Is It Right for You?

Good with language? That’s a great start. Do you love to read? Even better.

Try It Out (for Free)

Dedicated volunteers have launched free programs to teach you the basics of court reporting. Click on our Getting Started page and request info!