Donations/Pledges to February 14, 2019

Platinum Contributors ($50,000 or more)
Veritext Legal Solutions
Realtime Coach
Magna Legal Services

Gold Contributors ($10,000 or more)
Jim and Sheila DeCrescenzo
Bill and Andrea Weber
Ed and Nancy Varallo
Doris O. Wong
Aiken Welch Court Reporters
Mickey Turner, Freedom Court Reporting
Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association
Florida Court Reporters Association
Texas Deposition Reporters Association
Pohlman Reporting Company LLC

Silver Contributors ($5,000 – $9,999)
Glyn and Marilyn Poage
Stacie R. Fouty Court Reporting Services, Inc
Ellie Corbett Hannum
Nativa P. Wood
Jennifer Gaul


Bronze Contributors ($1,000 – $4,999)
Jeri Kusar, Kusar Court Reporters & Legal Services
Rhonda Jensen, Jensen Litigation Solutions
Andrea Couch
Alan and Julie Lesky
Lorene R. Eppley, Eppley Court Reporting
Lisa McMillan
Elly Knapp, CC Reporting & Videoconferencing
Anissa R. Nierenberger
Bill LaBorde, Oasis Reporting Services, LLC
Dawn Bachinski, Signature Court Reporting
Doug Friend, RDR, CRR, FAPR, NCRA Past President
Alabama Court Reporters Association
Bexar County Court Reporters Association (TX)
Neith D. Ecker, RDR, CRR, CCR
John and Pat Prout
Sandy Narup
Massachusetts Court Reporters Association
Heywood “Woody” Waga
Kerry Anderson
Donna Collins
John Garnett
Marjorie Peters
Susan Perry Miller
Bobbie Barrett, Orange Legal Services
Pat Moretti, Moretti Group
Jan Schmitt, Schmitt Reporting
Toni Pulone
Paulita Kundid
Rick and Ellen Coulter
Sandy Bain Moon, Bain & Associates Court Reporting
Cornelia Baker, Baker Realtime Reporting
New Hampshire Court Reporters Association
Jim Connor
Kathy Silva
Camille Duffy
Karyn Menck
Christine Willette
Linda Farmer
Kurt Fetzer, RDR – Wilcox & Fetzer, Ltd.
Marc Greenberg
Sabrina Lewis


Caregivers ($500 – $999)
Santo Joseph and Josephine Aurelio
Constance Lee
Sandy VanderPol
Cregg Seymour, CRC-Salomon
Lauren Schechter
Idaho Court Reporters Association
Donna S. Cascio
Georgeanna Baker, Pacific Rim Reporting
Mary Beth Johnson
Kenny Zais, O’Brien & Levine Court Reporting Solutions
Kentucky Court Reporters Association
Debbie & Roy Isbell, Isbell & Associates
Alan Peacock, Caption It!
Lois Robinson & Associates
Lori Warren, Alabama Court Reporting, Inc.
Margie Wakeman Wells
Jack W. Hunt & Associates, Inc.
Virginia Dodge
College of Court Reporting
Mark Renzi
Roxanne Costigan

Contributing Vendors and Volunteers
The Varallo Group
Doron A. Henkin, Attorney at Law
Hardeman School of Court Reporting
Sue Kiniry
Kathy McHugh
Keith Lemons
Preston Dull
Bryan University
Stenograph LLC
Realtime Coach
Chris Poage

Other Contributors ($1 – $499)
Judge Francis Larkin
Anonymous (x2)
John C. Brandon
Cyndi Tumlin
Hunnicutt Costello Reporting
Monica Gutierrez
Darlene Caiazzo-Sousa
Cindi Lynch
Susan Garvin
Virginia Barry
Joanne Rose Kahny
Donna N. McMullen, Inc.
Rhonda Hall Kershner
Angeliz Rivera
Libby Furr
Lori Heaphy
Gail Abraham
Tammy L. Ervin
Heidi Thomas
Kathy May
Laurie Shingle
Dawn Houghton
Sharon Pell Velazco
Tonya Kaiser Dunn
Susan Toms Ingraham
Karen Teig Wimmer
Debbie Bridges Duffy
Christine Randall
Mary O. Berry
Cherie White, RPR
Leticia Salas
Laurin Rainer
Simone Wright
Ana Dub
Aimee Edwards-Altadonna
Jean Kim
Andrea Tungland
Tonya Thompson
Moshe Court Reporting
Brenda Wright
Tami Lewis
Jay Suddreth
Lisa Knight
Donna Carbine Urlaub
Holly Kapacinskas
Lorrie L. Marchant
Edward McMahon Kidd
Ronald R. Cope
Beth and Bob Mulvey
Mike Miller
Matt Moss

Other Contributors ($1 – $499)
Isaiah Paul Roberts
Treva Maricle
Sharon Gaughan
Janis Hurwit Sullivan
Jan Bovee Ballman
George Catuogno
Jennifer Cloutier Doherty
Stila Crdova
Ashley N. Dickey
Christian and Margaret Heine
Ellen V. Bellen
Robin Sunkees
avid Puplham
Erika Sjoquist
Erin Spence Cloonan
Joan F. Kiddie
Mary Haberman
Dilley Tori Pittman
Brenda Oliphant Boggs
D’Arcy McPherson
Kelli Ann Willis
North Country Court Reporters
Toni O’Neill
Jamee Bartis
Kelly Hanna
An Chau
Lesia Mervin
Nancy Bistany
Kathy McHugh
Barbara Welty Lightcap
Poppins Romero
Susan Toms Ingraham
JoAnn Corson Bacheller
Sindie Bragg
Karen Hart
Phyllis Lykken
Diane Sonntag
Dana Welch
Catherine Zelinski
The Steno Doctor
James Lombardi
Anne Bowline
Annette Satterlee
Julie Riley
Katherine M. Hanchette
April Pearl
Myrna Brown

Project Steno is the tradename of Project to Advance Stenographic Reporting, Inc., a Delaware non-profit corporation.  Project Steno is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Project Steno are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Project Steno’s tax identification number is 82-3189873.

The NCRA-commissioned Ducker Report of 2013 projected a nationwide shortage of 5,500 court reporters within five years, and it’s happening now.  The average age of an NCRA member is 54; for every 1,000 reporters who retire, only 200 new reporters enter the field.

Project Steno needs your support to attract students to the great court reporting profession.  We’ll qualify their capabilities and supply them with support and tuition assistance for their training.