Merit Awards


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Project Steno’s $1,000 Merit Awards Program


$2,500 Finlayson Fellow Award


Each of our two incentives, the 140-in-1 Award and the 225-in-2 Award, pays you $1,000.00. 

How do you qualify?  It’s simple. 

Step 1.  Pre-register with Project Steno.  Return this form within 30 days of starting steno school. 
Download registration form (for use by newly enrolled students.)

Step 2.  Respond timely to inquiries from Project Steno.
We take this requirement very seriously!

Step 3.  Pass a 140 wpm test within one year or a 225 wpm test in two years. 

If you achieve a steno speed of 140 words per minute (wpm) within your first year, apply to us and we’ll send you a check for $1,000.00 as a reward for your accomplishment.

Likewise, if you achieve a steno speed of 225 wpm within your first two years, apply to us and we’ll send you another check for $1,000.00.  Rules and specific requirements are explained on the registration form.

Download Award Application (for use only by students who have passed 140 wpm or 225 wpm tests and/or for students applying for the Finlayson Fellow Award):  PS Awards Application

$2,500 Finlayson Fellow Award

The Finlayson Fellowship is made at the discretion of Project Steno in association with the San Antonio Bar Foundation.   

The Finlayson Fellowship will award $2,500 to a court reporting student with an interest and aptitude for a career as a San Antonio court reporting professional. The court reporting students will join three law students, three undergraduate students, and a paralegal student to form a cohort of eight Fellows who agree to meet monthly (virtual meetings) with San Antonio mentors.

All Court Reporter applicants must:

1) Be the first person in their immediate family to pursue a career as a court reporter; and 

2) Must apply through the Project Steno Scholarship program for the 225 WPM steno speed; and 

3) Upon verification of 225 requirement, applicants will be required to complete the San Antonio Bar Foundation Finlayson Fellow form at:


More information about the Finlayson Fellow Award can be found on the San Antonio Bar Foundation website here.