Register for Project Steno’s Merit Award Program

Students enrolled in any stenographic reporting program may be eligible for our $1,000 Merit Awards.  Registration forms and requirements are below.


Each of our two incentives, the 140-in-1 Award and the 225-in-2 Award, pays you $1,000.00. 

How do you qualify?  It’s simple. 

Step 1.  Register with Project Steno.  Return this form within 30 days of starting steno school.
This is a required pre-requisite to receiving our awards, so register today!
Download Registration Form (for use by newly enrolled students):  Registration for Project Steno Award Program – 2022

Step 2.  Respond timely to inquiries from Project Steno. 
We take this requirement very seriously!

Step 3.  Pass a 140 wpm test within one year or a 225 wpm test in two years. 

If you achieve a steno speed of 140 wpm (words per minute) within your first year, apply to us and we’ll send you a check for $1,000.00 as a reward for your accomplishment.

Likewise, if you achieve a steno speed of 225 wpm within your first two years, apply to us and we’ll send you another check for $1,000.00.  Rules and specific requirements are explained on the registration form.

Download Merit Award Application (for use only by students who have passed 140 wpm or 225 wpm tests): 
Application for 140 and 225 Merit Awards 2022