Better than a 4-Year College

A four-year undergraduate degree is great – but it costs a lot of money and it does not guarantee you a job. You know the numbers. Tuition costs are sky high and most undergraduates take on staggering student loan debt. Total costs at a private college easily exceed $200,000 over four years and even state colleges are in the $100,000 range. Students graduate with crippling debt and uncertain job prospects.

By contrast, court reporting school is a bargain.  Contact our Partner Programs to find out just how affordable it is.

And here’s the best news: Court reporters and captioners are in demand! There aren’t enough of us. You will be welcomed into the field, and there will be good jobs aplenty waiting to be filled. A white-collar, professional career. A career you can have.

A stenographic career is merit-based, a system that rewards hard work and competence.  The opportunities in our field are unparalleled!  Equal pay for equal work, no glass ceiling.  Are you an entrepreneur?  Start your own business.  Travel the world.  Take a ringside seat to history.  It does not take long for skilled court reporters to surpass $100,000 in annual earnings.  The most experienced and highly skilled professionals can expect to double, even triple that number. The sky’s the limit!

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) commissioned a study conducted by Ducker Associates in 2013.  The Ducker report projected a nationwide shortage of court reporters by 2018.  And it happened.  Firm owners and courthouses nationwide can’t keep up with the demand and need to hire more reporters.  Captioning companies are feeling the pinch.  The time is right for hardworking men and women to join this time-honored profession.  

Court reporting and captioning — the career you’ve been waiting for!