Renee Bush, RPR, CMRS, CRR, became the fifth member of Project Steno’s Advisory Council (formed in August of 2018).  “We sought out top-flight talent within the court reporting community to serve in an advisory role,” said Nancy Varallo, Project Steno’s Executive Director.  “We welcome Renee to this group of seasoned professionals because she has the demonstrated passion and know-how to recruit the next generation of court reporting students.”

Bush is a co-owner of Aiken Welch Court Reporters with multiple offices in California.  She has been involved in many charitable organizations and non-profit ventures over the years.  “Project Steno’s plan is ambitious,” said Bush.  “I look forward to working with this amazing group!”   Read the bios of the full board and advisory council here: Board and AC Feb 2019

About Project Steno

Project Steno is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and operates entirely on a not-for-profit basis. In January 2018 Project Steno launched its program of tuition assistance and placed its first students in court reporting school. To date, Project Steno has received almost $300,000 in pledges and contributions from the court reporting community! With the manifest enthusiasm of court reporters everywhere, Project Steno continues to raise funds to promote widespread awareness of our unique profession and create a robust pipeline of students into court reporting schools and graduates into the field.  Click to donate here.