Project Steno’s Cover Your Bases ProgramTM is a plan designed to bring awareness of the court reporting and captioning professions to military bases nationwide.  Volunteers will deliver Nancy Varallo’s Basic (Steno) TrainingTM and speak about the many career options available today.  The program is a hands-on opportunity to learn the basics of steno theory in a virtual classroom environment over six weeks, one day each week, as a first step before entering a two-year educational program.  All materials (textbook/steno machines) will be provided at no charge to military personnel and their spouses.  Students will be encouraged to practice two hours each day between the six weekly sessions.

This six-week program offers a self-selection opportunity that helps one answer some important questions.  Is stenographic reporting the right career for me?  Do I have the interest, natural dexterity, grammar skills, motivation and discipline required to complete the next two years of school?  If the answer is Yes, Project Steno will connect candidates who graduate from Basic Training with schools that accept GI benefits.  If candidates are not eligible for GI benefits, Project Steno will direct them to our tuition assistance program.  Details of our selective tuition assistance program (and an application) can be found at