Lucrative Career Paths

You want career options? You get them. Actually, most court reporters don’t work in court. Most work in pre-trial depositions as freelance court reporters. But others do, in fact, work in courtrooms. In either case, expect to begin with annual income in the $50,000 range and by your second year you will have $100,000 in your sights.  Not many professions can make that claim.

Maybe you’d prefer the excitement of a career providing live-caption feeds on television or in other public settings to those with hearing disabilities as broadcast or “CART” captioner. That’s another great career option for you as a court reporter.

Long term, though, you want more career options. You want to create a thriving business. You want to build wealth and security. You want to work hard, have some fun, and have all that fit into a master plan. You can have all of those things and more with a career in court reporting.