Better than a 4-Year Degree

Looking for a legitimate, professional alternative to a four-year college degree? That’s court reporting. You won’t invest four years or more in education that may or may not provide you with a job and a career. You won’t sit in a classroom wondering how the mutterings of a professor will apply to your job. And you won’t emerge from school with the crushing burden of student loans and debt.

Instead you’ll spend two or three years immersed in education that will land you in a great job and a lucrative career. Is it difficult? You bet. Will you be challenged? You will. Are you guaranteed success? No way. But if you’ve got the aptitude and the work ethic, the rewards of a career in court reporting are there for you. Better still, there is a shortage of court reporters at the same time that demand for court reporters is increasing. That means one thing for you – major opportunity.