Project Steno Can Help Round Out Your Seminar Agenda

Our board members and advisory council are experienced seminar presenters.  Except where a named presenter is indicated, any member of our team is available to present.  We’ll give one or more Project Steno Seminars, plus one additional seminar of your choosing. 
Fee:  Travel expenses, hotel, vendor tabletop, and packet insert if applicable.  Send request to

PROJECT STENO SEMINARS:    Project Steno Seminar Offerings – with bios – 2020

Rebuilding Our Profession – Together (1.0 or 1.5 hours)  
In this motivational and upbeat presentation, we will discuss the need for all of us to work – together – to bring young people into court reporting and captioning.  Learn about our just-launched Basic Training program, Project Steno’s exciting awareness campaign, and our tuition assistance/student monitoring program.   Walk away with a new can-do spirit.  Yes, WE can do this!

Trends in Court Reporting (1.0 or 1.5 hours) 
Maybe Scarlett O’Hara had a point when she said, “Oh, I just can’t think about that today. I’ll just go crazy if I do. I’ll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.” But don’t bet on it.  There’s always change afoot in our marketplace and we need to keep pace today!  How better to stay abreast of market trends than mingling with Project Steno’s leaders as they discuss with us the changes and trends impacting today’s court reporting professionals. 

Let’s Cover Our Bases (1.0 hours)  
Project Steno’s Cover Your BasesTM Program is a newly developed plan for introducing stenographic theory to military spouses, family members, and service members transitioning to the civilian workplace.  In this session you’ll hear about Basic Training©, a free introductory program designed for delivery at military bases nationwide, and about trends in today’s armed services, including expanded education benefits for military spouses.

Bringing Steno to High Schools (1.0 hours)  
Project Steno has delivered successful high school programs in Texas and Massachusetts.  In this session, you’ll discover how easy it is to bring a steno program to your local high school.  Were you invited to a career day or to make a classroom presentation?  Project Steno has all the tools you’ll need – intro letters, handouts, and a Power Point presentation – so you can say yes with confidence.  Bring awareness to your high school of “The best profession you never heard of.”   


 Watson Today, Quantum Computing Tomorrow.  Can Stenotype Reporting Survive the Advance in Computing? (1.5 or 2.0 hours)
This session addresses the advances in computing power and the threat it presents to stenotype reporters. From the advent of the tape recorder, stenographic reporters have constantly faced threats from different advancing technologies. IBM’s Watson is today focusing on Speech to Text. With billions of research dollars pouring in, quantum computing is the next major advance being worked on by Microsoft, Google, IBM, and others.  In the face of these threats, will there still be a place for us?  You’ll get the facts you need to answer this critical question.   (Presenters:  Jim DeCrescenzo or Nancy Varallo. This session must be given first in order before the Project Steno seminar.)

A Changing World for Reporter Associations (1.0 hours) 
Today’s court reporting market changes by the minute.  Competing technologies are popping up everywhere.  How does a court reporter association deal with the rapid changes taking place in our environment?  Does the typical model for a reporter association meet the needs of its members when navigating in these new waters?  This session will appraise today’s associations and consider what the next generation of associations should look like.

Goal Setting and Accountability:  Developing a Personal Strategic Plan (1.0 hours)
Businesses and individuals all make annual or “New Year” resolutions.  How did you do with last year’s goals?  Do you have great ideas to move your career or business forward but need a plan to accomplish your goals?  How will you make your ideas a reality?   Learn techniques to plan strategically for your personal future.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Be ready today.

Stenographer Operations at Guantanamo Bay (1.0 or 1.5 hours)   
Hear about the detailed process required to assemble and qualify the elite team of court reporters providing stenographic services at GTMO – testing, obtaining top-secret clearances, selecting technology and equipment, arranging travel and housing, and wading through seemingly endless government documentation.  The StenOps team is currently at work reporting the hearings of those accused of the terrorism of 9/11 that changed the world.  (Presenters:  Nancy Varallo, Bill Weber, or Jim DeCrescenzo)

The Business of Customer Service (1.0 hours)
When you’re down in the weeds, taking down rapid-fire Q & A, editing transcripts, or scheduling your book, it’s easy to forget we are first and foremost in the business of customer service.  This session puts into a service perspective the overlapping relationships that converge in courts, in agencies, with employees and customers.  Who’s the client in your relationship(s)?  How do you satisfy everyone’s expectations?  Gain insight into doing just that.

“I’m Glad You Asked!” (1.0 hours) 
What did you say the last time you were asked, “Why don’t they just use tape recorders?” or “Won’t you be replaced soon?”  This timely seminar will help you craft the perfect rejoinder.  Project Steno leaders will join your state leaders, forming an experienced panel that have experience with these questions – and other thorny ones as well.   We’ll bring the questions we’ve heard, you bring yours, and together we’ll fashion some spot-on answers.  We’ll keep it light, we’ll keep it witty (we hope).  Next time you’re asked, you’ll be able to smile and confidently reply, “I’m glad you asked!”

Business 101 – It’s Always Good to Have a Plan! (1.0 or 1.5 hours)
Freelancers, officials, captioners, and firm owners can all benefit from thinking about the business side of our profession.  Many of us polish up our writing skills or buff up our figures on a daily basis.  What business skills will help make you shine in your job?  Promoting yourself through proven sales techniques, establishing your brand, marketing, client retention, implementing an equipment replacement timeline, succession planning?  There’s something in this session for everyone.   Let’s spend time sharpening our business acumen.

Righting Your Future:  The Time Management of Cooking – Shopping Smart and Eating Well (1.0 hours)
We all know we “should,” but we don’t always … [exercise, eat well, meditate, slow down].  In this era of court reporter shortages, we’re working more days and longer hours.  Add in our personal commitments – caring for children or aging parents – and Righting Your Future seems an impossible task.  Camille will show you how to use the time management skills from our court reporting world to “Get dinner on the table in 30 minutes – and still eat healthy!”  You’ll learn how to efficiently stock your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer with what’s good for you, and jettison what’s not!  (Presenter:  Camille Duffy) 

The Business of Court Reporting (1.0 hours)
This session is designed for new professionals and/or high-speed students. Attention new professionals and students!  We’ll explore what it takes to be in business for yourself.   Do you have an EIN?  Are you organized for bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes?  Do you have insurance?  Are you complying with identity fraud protection laws?  Bring your questions!


Realtime Tips and Tricks to Make your Workday Easier (2.5 or 3.0 hours)
Our fast-paced court reporting world demands that we write smarter.  Ed Varallo, six-time NCRA speed contest champion, will outline his systematic approach to writing shorthand which is designed to require less physical effort, produce better realtime output, and thus reduce editing/scoping time.  Ed will share his tips and tricks that will set you on the path to unleash the Realtime Superstar inside you!  It’s easier than you might think! 

Creating the Demand for Draft Transcripts (1.0 hours)  
To be truly realtime capable – able to turn out fast, accurate drafts and fast certified transcripts – we need to write smarter.  We have to write fast, with clean notes, for hours on end — and then turn out a fast draft transcript on demand.   No demand for realtime services in your area?  Ed Varallo, six-time NCRA speed contest champion, will share with you his tips and techniques to create the demand for rough draft transcripts.  Delivery by dinnertime, not bedtime, is what your clients need.  Learn how to provide this valuable service and increase your bottom line.

Mastery of Realtime Writing – No Stress Needed (1.5 hours)  
So you’re a realtime writer, you can do same-day draft transcripts and provide attorneys a realtime feed. But it’s often a strain – you’re stressed out even though you’re willing to provide the service.  Who wants to work that hard?  Ed Varallo, author of Ed’s Steno Pro, will share his techniques for advanced writers, making realtime hookups and fast turnaround drafts less daunting. 

How to Pass a Test (1.0 hours)
Everyone is nervous on test day.  You can’t banish nervousness.  The trick is to write well despite being nervous – and you can do that!  Let six-time National Speed Contest Champion Ed Varallo (no stranger to test day nerves!) describe for you the several simple, common-sense techniques he has discovered that allow you to be at your best on test day – no matter what!